1 p.m. A riot at the Capitol

On Jan. 6, following what was supposed to be a peaceful protest at the Capitol in Wasington turned into utter chaos.

A large crowd was already at the Capitol, but after Trump’s speech more made their way to the capitol and eventually marched up the stairs to the Capitol and started to clamor and riot. There was damage to the capitol with fists, wood planks, and other objects.

There was no warning to this, but people immediately started making their way inside pushing through Capitol security. As time went on more and more people started making their way inside the Capitol which made it more difficult for the Capitol security to contain them.

Many of the people who were pactipating in the mob that went into the Capitol were wearing pro-Trump attire and many of the people were also carrying weapons.

Once the mob was inside the Capitol they were chanting, yelling, and swearing about many things and while this was happening Capitol security were trying their best to superintend everyone who had made their way inside.

Rioters started rummaging through the desks of the senate chamber of the Capitol and starting looking through papers that they managed to find. They were also loitering around doing things like sitting in chairs and taking pictures.

After all of this there ended up being five people dead. One of the people was a part of Capitol police and was attacked with a fire extinguisher, another was a woman from San Diego who was fatally shot, and the rest died from emergency cases like stoke, and heart attack.

Many people ended up getting arrested due to the fact that they were carrying weapons during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. Many people that were involved are now also being reported to the FBI by their friends and family.

People now fear something might happen to Biden sometime during the day of his inauguration. Security is trying to avoid any dangerous situation for Biden to be in to maintain his safety and that nothing unfortunate will occur during the day of his inauguration.

Troops are now marching among the Washington Capitol and other Capitol buildings to be cautious in this situation due to what has happened previously with what was supposed to just be a peaceful protest.

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