Upcoming record-breaking adventure park brings attention to Lemont

January 31, 2020


Olivia Antolak

Progress has already been made by the Lemont Quarries. There is already set up what might be some sort of aerial obstacle course and zipline. This rope course park is expected to be available to the public by the Summer 0f 2020.

All eyes are on Lemont as the new record-breaking Adventure park called The Forge is set to open in the summer of 2020. Stretching over 300 acres of land, The Forge will feature the tallest climbing tower, the largest aerial obstacle course and the longest ziplines in the tri-state area. It will also offer numerous activities involving hiking, biking and even kayaking along with the quarries. 

Residents Jeremie Bacon and business partners Chris Gladwin and Bart Laythen are working to produce a unique park based around the Lemont Quarries that claims to ̈Exhilarate, Educate and Entertain ̈ their guests. 

According to the Lemont Quarries website, “One of our primary goals at Lemont Quarries Adventure Park is to provide the community with an opportunity to engage in authentic and challenging physical activities.” In other words, Lemont is taking a stand to give kids the opportunity to escape from a technology stricken life. 

This new attraction is expected to bring lots of attention to this town. This addition might lead to big changes that will affect students and residents. Some are split by the effect of how much publicity this might bring in, after all, Lemont is not a regular to publicity. 

 Freshman Nicole Hruby, is one who is questioning the outcome of this idea. 

“There’s no way this is gonna work where are they gonna put it,” said Hruby. “Is Lemont even that big to fit that many people?”

Daughter of Jeremie Bacon and Freshman, Julia Bacon, has been answering questions students may have about this process. Bacon said, “I think that it is a really cool idea. Lemont is such a small town and it will attract more people to this sometimes forgotten city,” 

Aside from her being the daughter an important businessman in this process, Bacon believes it will provide entertainment options for the whole community to be involved. Bacon said, “They have different sections for different ages and it also opens up many job opportunities for local students.”

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