Victoria Finwall

March 27, 2020


Victoria Finwall

Regarding this global pandemic, my thoughts on the situation reciprocate my parent’s opinions which, in short, include: That the media is exaggerating the Covid-19 issue more than they should be, as a result of this, the world’s population is distraught and major gathering facilities like schools, convention centers, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. are shutting down for precautionary measures — which only adds to the global turmoil. I think that if everyone were to calm down and accept the fact that the majority of the population (people between the ages of 35 and 65) have already lived through similar situations without extreme measures, like the ones today, being taken in response to terrifying news stories — we would all be okay. To put it shortly, we are not too freaked out. Regarding my own whereabouts, other than dedicating an immense amount of my time to school work, because I don’t have much else to do, I have also been spending a lot of time outside — more than usual.

Ironically, many people are on the same boat as me and there are a lot of people that go outside and spend their time at nature preserves and parks — going against the social distancing that the government is encouraging us to be practicing. But, even more ironically, the government is actually advising us to take advantage of nature during these “stressful” times, which in my opinion is quite hypocritical. I try to take walks everyday, and have been enjoying Waterfall Glen and other local nature preserves a lot. Most importantly of all though, I definitely think it is important to document this time. I hope we all recall the extent of not only media bias during unsettling times, but how much this bias affects people through the butterfly effect. People who pay close attention to the news, spread what they heard to the people around them and so on and so forth — distorting the information, and thus creating this never ending cycle of the telephone game.

Nevertheless, I could compare this to terrorist threats in the past — through events like 9/11 and the Cold War — and definitely say that the media lies at the heart of the issue for the people. This, like it was during these other two events, should definitely be documented and analyzed after the event is over so hopefully one day we can fix the issue with future stressful events, and learn to gear our focus to more reliable aspects of our news.

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