Kyle Devitt

March 27, 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was in a state of constant anxiety. The first two days out of school were so surreal and overwhelming. Personally, COVID-19 encapsulated my mind and cognition, it was the only wandering thought. More recently, after quarantine, my anxiety subdued itself due to the isolation. However, the zest and motivation of life continues to diminish, alas the absurdist hope for the end is inspiring. In my free time, I have slept for IMMENSE amounts of time. It feels nice to enjoy sleep without the pressures of daunting 8 a.m.  Otherwise, at home, I’ve been cleaning and organizing everything I never got a chance to during school. I’ve even been revamping my cooking hobby BUT, I’ve been so bored I made a tik tok account.

Moreover though, my job, Starbucks, has kept me busy as we’ve continued to remain open. Days at work have been slow as customers begin to social distance more. One day it was so slow that we made a hilarious tik tok which now has 38.1 thousand views. Oh yeah and in addition to tik tok, I’ve been wasting my time trying to get tik tok famous, and it’s surprisingly work intensive if you want a good video.  I spent probably 9 hours one day working on a tik tok video just to make it perfect.

In my opinion, at the end of this plague, I just want others to recognize our adversity as people and that we had to come together as a people to achieve a common goal and defeat this virus. I hope that we can appreciate life a little bit more and calm our fast-paced society, because at the end of day, we’re all just trying to survive

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