Tony Hamilton: The humble beginnings of the pro communicator

Lemont High School thrives on communication on a day to day basis and people rely on updates from the school in regards to events, testing, and issues with COVID-19. 

Tony Hamilton, head of communications for LHS does just that. 

As a senior in high school, Hamilton participated in a lot of sports writing and was focused  on journalistic aspects for his school. Although he was interested in sport writing, he knew that journalism would be a better path for him in the future.  

Hamilton committed to Butler University with an original degree in print journalism and graduated with a degree in public relations. 

Before coming to LHS, Hamilton worked at the Plainfield school district for a year and a half to get out of sports information writing to spend more time with his daughter.

“What I like about my job is that I’m doing something different each day,” Hamilton said. 

Hamilton has contributed to revamping the LHS website, ordering photos, writing information about SHIELD testing, covering daily announcements and sending daily emails updating LHS. 

Hamilton encourages kids to be good communicators in this day and age and wants to give kids interested in communications advice for their life beyond high school. 

“One skill that will help you bubble to the top, is whether or not you look crisp and clear in your writing and can communicate,” Hamilton said.

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