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Looking into the life of Mrs. Mimnaugh

As Sarah Mimnaugh enters her second year teaching at LHS, after a tumultuous year from using google meets to trying to get her students to turn on their cameras, she tries to reflect on the positive aspects of the COVID year. 

“It went well. Not what you expect your first year of teaching at a new school to be like. But being in this area and at this school is all worth it because of the students and what they bring,” said Mimnaugh. 

Virtual learning was not easy for anyone last year, however the teachers and students both tried their best in order to make sure that they made this year worth it. “Even though the learning was online, the connections that we were still able to make in those circumstances were still significant,” said Mimnaugh. 

Now, when it comes to being a teacher and teaching FACS to students, it was never really a job or something that Mrs. Mimnaugh considered what she wanted to do in her life. 

Mimnaugh said, “No I didn’t because I bounced around a lot with different ideas but when I was a kid I used to pretend to be a teacher to my siblings so I can say that it kind of went full circle.”

However, with Mrs. Mimnaugh teaching many of the FACS classes along with the love of the kitchen her entire life, she enjoys every day that she teaches students culinary skills. 

“There are so many topics and ideas to explore. What I love about Family & Consumer Science is that many of the skills that you learn in these classes are skills that are used for life. It’s not like you are learning things that you are not going to use in life,” explained Mimnaugh. 

The classes that Mrs. Mimnaugh teaches range from FACS to Food Prep to Advance Baking where recipes range from savory Spinach Artichoke Dip to delicious and sweet Cinnamon Baked Goods but Mimnaugh’s favorite classes to teach have always been the foods classes. 

“I love the foods classes. To have the ability to be creative in the kitchen but also share my passion for the kitchen with the students, especially in the baking classes is something that I look forward to every day,” said Mimnaugh. 

There are teachers that we have all had that leave an impact on us because of their ability to go above and beyond for their students no matter the circumstances and Mrs. Mimnaugh is someone who represents that kind of teacher.

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