The beat of Lemont High School

Getting to know Gagnon

Mr. Gagnon is a busy person with his day starting at 5:00 a.m.. He has a hectic day that consists of meetings and other important jobs. 

Gagnon said, “It has been nuts!” He said, “Every single one of my days is different and even if I try to plan my day, I usually get off that right away and have to circle back to it.” 

Mr. Gagnon has worked at the school for 20 years. He was a dean for the last 10 years and helped plan life and health safety procedures. He recently switched to the role of assistant principal. 

 “The last couple years I was a half dean and half life and health safety. That part has not changed.” He responded, “Some of it’s nice because I changed roles and I kept some of the same tasks as I was working on before and have some new things.” 

Education has always been a large part of his life. “My dad was principal, my mom was a teacher, and so I grew up in a household where education was very important, everything revolved around what education was.” He said, “To me one of the most important things in this country besides freedoms and other things like that is being able to make sure you have productive citizens, and I don’t think there’s a bigger impact on that than being an educator.”

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