The Threads: making me a fan of classic rock, alternative music


Lauren Selfridge

The Threads rock the concert at Bottom Lounge Chicago.

Alejandra Rodriguez, Features Editor

On February 13th, I had the pleasure of attending The Threads concert at the Bottom Lounge Chicago. Not only was this my first concert of theirs, but it was the first time I attended a concert featuring that genre of music.

It was wonderful beyond belief.

The Bottom Lounge, known for underground music, did a great job setting the mood. The lights solely on the stage caused an absolute darkness of the venue. The lighting combined with the vibrations made it feel like you were in a remake of “Bandslam”, but this remake actually surpasses the original.

They began to play at 9:00 pm and played until 9:45 pm. Dull moments? Not one second. They didn’t even take breaks between songs – one song just rolled into the other.

Their energy never slowed and as a result, the crowd never peeled their eyes away from the stage.  The combination of great vocals, amazing beat and the on-point synchronization the boys had regarding energy and motion, made the concert ,without a doubt, a perfect ten.

The highlight of the concert was when The Threads performed an out-of-this-world mash-up of “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles and “Steady, as she goes” by The Raconteurs.

Leah Hanson, who also attended the Saturday concert, said, “I loved the concert.” She, being a huge fan of the genre, appreciated the mashup as well.

She said, “I thought that the mashup of “Twist and Shout” and “Steady, as she goes” was really cool.”

Lastly, she commented about the band members by saying, “They had really good stage presence.”

At the end of the night, I kept singing their songs over and over, clearly not as good as Sam Abboud but the point is that they left quite an impression. Once you go to one of their concerts, you’re bound to become a dedicated fan, as I have now become.