2017-2018 Staff

Ola Guzy

Staff Writer

Aleksandra Guzy… known as Ola around the school is a senior here at Lemont High School, you can always find her laughing and joking around! She spends most of her time in school, playing sports, or with friends! With her last ...

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Nick Rangel

Staff Writer

Nick Rangel, senior at Lemont High School, is a kind, outgoing teenager. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family. If he notices somebody is experiencing a hard time, he will always try his best to help the individual...

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Julie Hughes

Media Specialist

Julie Hughes is a senior at Lemont High School. She is on varsity cheer and spends a lot of her time doing cheer-related things like being at practice or cheering at basketball/football games. When she is not doing something with...

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Matt O'Malley


Matt spends the majority of his time working with technology or spending time at the gym. He especially enjoys being active in politics and visiting the city. He will attend the College of Dupage and hopes to go on to become a ...

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Ava Grubb

Copy Editor

Ava is in her Sophomore year at Lemont High School. She has been a cheerleader for the school since her freshman year, and has cheered four years prior. She is always looking for a new adventure, sometimes big and sometimes sma...

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Alec Adriatico


“Looks may be deceiving” - a common phrase you can describe Alec Anthony Adriatico - a proud Junior of Lemont High School. He can be as quiet as a calm ocean when you first see or meet him but once you get to know him, he’...

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Leena Alul

Media Specialist

Leena is a currently a 16 year old junior at Lemont High School.  She participates in a variety of different activities, some of which include Cross Country, Track and Field, Leo Club, World Languages Club, and Interact. During her ...

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Maggie Callaghan

Copy Editor

Maggie is in her senior year at LHS, though this being her first working with the Tom-Tom. Throughout her years of high school, she has been involved in many of the events this community has to offer, so writing about them wo...

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Lauren Gallet

Copy Editor

Lauren Claire Gallet is a senior in the class of 2018 at Lemont High School. When Lauren isn’t working or at school, you can find her watching YouTube videos, eating, hanging out with friends, or blasting loud music. Somethi...

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Lily Hinkle

Business/PR Manager

Lily Hinkle was given life on April 26th, 2000. Now that she is 17 years old, you can probably find her in her bed watching Netflix. When she is not in her bed, she is most likely at school, at soccer, or eating food. However...

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Peyton Jay


Peyton Chandler Jay enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversation, and can hardly keep himself serious in any given moment. You can typically find him drowning his sorrows in ample amounts of Coca-Cola as he lounges around ...

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Katie Knutte

Copy Editor

Katie Knutte is a junior at Lemont High School. She enjoys writing, playing soccer, and spending time with her friends in her free time. Katie especially loves to write poetry and science fiction, and also enjoys photography. ...

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Katelyn Krakar

Media Specialist

On a typical summer day, Katelyn loves to lay outside and enjoy the sun. She has 2 dogs named Cooper and Wrigley, whom she spends most of her time with. Other than that, she enjoys traveling to new places and exploring differ...

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Emily Krivograd


Emily Krivograd is a senior who is involved in way too many school clubs, but hasn't gone crazy (yet). When she isn’t managing the NEHS “Museletter” or doing makeup for drama, Emily likes to spend her time hanging out w...

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Morgan Page


Co-editor Morgan Page is a senior who absolutely loves watching cult films and sketching. She is also involved in Interact and World Language Club. Morgan likes collecting postcards and unique shirts. She plans on going to a junior ...

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Avika Pal

Staff Writer

Avika Pal is a 17-year-old amazing senior at Lemont High School. She is a student currently on the verge of graduating in the class of 2018. Avika has accomplished a lot during her high school career by being in 5 different clubs (...

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Natalie Palarz

Business/PR Manager

When she's not struggling to run three miles for a cross country meet or procrastinating on every homework assignment given to her (literally), Natalie Palarz likes to consider herself a proud member of the LHS Tom-Tom. Some of Nat...

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Arthur Proskurinas


Arthur was born on July 16th, 1999. He is 18 years old and comes from Lithuania. He was an ELL student last year and took on more challenging courses this year, including journalism. He doesn't enjoy anything related to numbe...

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Baillie Costigan

Copy Editor

Baillie Costigan is a junior that likes is a Capricorn, Slytherin, and cat lover. On days when she is not in her natural habitat - alone in her room binge-watching Supernatural on Netflix - she is alone on her couch binge wat...

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