• Students take advantage of their resource(s)

    Students take advantage of their resource(s)

    Katie Knutte, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

    February 26, 2018

    On Sept. 12, at 9 a.m., students in W317 were typing away on their computers. Mr. Erik Murry, a special education teacher who leads a Resource class, explained the purpose of the junior/senior class. Murry said, “[The class is to]-help students prioritize and set goals they can achieve in the cla...

    Resource students busy at work on their computers in W317.

    Katie Knutte

  • Lip-syncing to liveliness

    Lip-syncing to liveliness

    Emily Krivograd, Staff Writer and Web-Editor

    February 22, 2018

    The LHS lip dub video was filmed before classes Thursday, Feb. 8 to showcase school spirit. For about one hour and 40 minutes, students and teachers spent the morning waiting to be filmed and being filmed in the hallways of the school. The week of filming, student services chair Mrs. Denise Dalton, ...

    Teachers and students eagerly awaited their moment to appear in the video.

    Morgan Page

  • How does s-NO-w school sound?

    How does s-NO-w school sound?

    Natalie Palarz, Staff Writer and Business/PR Manager

    February 14, 2018

    What better way to end off the first full week in February than with a snow day on a Friday? Last week, Feb. 9 marked the high school’s first (and probably only) snow day of the year. Inherently, LHS is notorious for avoiding closing down school in general, so this day off was a little unexpected for...

    The snow, combined with the ice, would have allowed for the parking lot to become nearly impossible to drive in had there been school Feb. 9.

    Katelyn Krakar

  • Trop it like it’s hot

    Trop it like it’s hot

    Avika Pal and Ola Guzy

    February 14, 2018

    This past weekend Morp was held on Saturday Jan. 10 at 7 p.m. in the commons of Lemont High School. The tropical themed blacklight dance planned by the student council had an admission price of $15 including food and drinks. Senior Jessica Lesnicki said, ¨The decorations really stood out and the neon...

    2018 blacklight tropical themed Morp dance

    Katelyn Krakar

  • Lemont Cheer dominates state for the 6th time

    Lemont Cheer dominates state for the 6th time

    Lauren Gallet and Avika Pal

    February 14, 2018

    The weekend of Feb. 2 and 3, the cheerleading IHSA state finals was held at Illinois State University. Given that there are 4 different divisions competing throughout the competition, small and medium teams competed and received their awards first, while coed and large teams followed later in the day...

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  • Pre-baseball season causes excitement April 18, 2018
  • Badminton takes on Shepard at first home game April 18, 2018
  • Lemont welcoming new sport- boys lacrosse April 12, 2018
  • The boys tennis team kicked off their season with a win April 12, 2018
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Lemont High School's Culinary Arts class participated in the first annual Chili Cook-off. The class consists of juniors and seniors that were broken up...

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Trop it like it’s hot

Trop it like it’s hot

February 14, 2018

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