CAAMP’s ‘Lavender Days’ album is overwhelmingly astonishing

Reagan Russell, Coeditor-in-Chief

Ohio band CAAMP released their newest album “Lavender Days” back in June. The album features 12 new tracks, all written by CAAMP. The album follows their traditional folk style, similar to artists such as the Lumineers, Tyler Childers, Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan.

Music has a way of connecting with the soul, and this album does just that. I have yet to listen to an album that has made me feel as comforted and delighted as this one.

Any folk fan will truly enjoy this album, but understand it is not for everyone. Many of the songs off the album follow a similar melody and beat to one another and sound one in the same. It may be difficult to listen for hours on end, especially if folk is not your favorite.

Despite having similar songs, lead singer Taylor Meier has an outstanding, unique voice, that I believe is what makes CAAMP stand apart from other folk bands. The raspiness adds a raw sense to all of their songs, Meier has a way of making you feel like you are in a room listening to them live.

“Lavender Days” is also especially different because all songs are written by the band. It is refreshing to listen to a song knowing the lyrics have a true meaning behind them. My personal favorite is “Lavender Girl.” The song is described as the core of the album. With a delicate melody and lyrics it puts me in an elated mood. The imagery in the song is impeccable. I feel as if I’m transported to a different world each time I listen to it.


Although the album came out in June, the album is gaining popularity since CAAMP has gone on tour. CAAMP was touring with the Lumineers over the summer, and is now on their “Lavender Days” tour.

I recommend giving CAAMP’s latest album “Lavender Days” a listen. It is the perfect fuel for a bright and happy day.