Student-run Help Desk offers tech support to classrooms


Madison Thornton

The tech help desk’s green screen can be used for school projects and makes any video assignment amazing.

Diana Dzielski, Staff Writer

When searching for an example of what it means for a school to be future ready, look no further than the computer Help Desk at Lemont High School. 15 juniors and seniors, accompanied by two IT staff members, Mr. Mondrella and Mrs. Hitchcock, are participating in one of the most valuable classes on campus.

The Help Desk is a formal class of approximately 15 students who provide IT support to pupils on a walk-in basis and teachers on a formal basis. The classroom is staffed during the first and fourth periods of both days. This class is going to be vital for the success of all 1:1 computer initiatives next year.

Mr. Mondrella said, “We are really preparing to be a step ahead for next year.” The class had been created and ran for the first time this year and will continue in the upcoming years as LHS becomes a 1:1 school.

Senior Jack Lindsay said, “[We] help around the school with electronics, like researching hardware and software mishaps.” In addition, they do a lot of app researching for teachers. Screencasts and directions are written for the apps so that students and staff can learn the application at a rapid and easy pace. Also, many of the aids will go directly into the classroom and assist the students one on one.

Students are also called upon to change projector light bulbs, which is just one of the many skills that each student is trained in doing.

But, when the assistants don’t have anything to help with, they work on individual projects related to technology that spark their interest.

Mr. Mondrella said, “They get 20% of their time to work on anything they want to.” For instance, some students are learning how to code. Piotr Rajchel makes video games, posters, and all things graphic design. Jack Lindsay works with music making software, starting from scratch by manipulating different sound waves to make unique tunes. Dustin Johnson works with and furthers his knowledge of computer hardware.

If a teacher is in need of tech help, “SchoolDude” is an online program where a form can be filled out and submitted to the Help Desk. Once it is received, help will be on the way.

In addition, the Help Desk not only has physical assistance to aid with anything tech related, but they also have a lot of equipment that can be used during school hours such as a green screen, lighting, microphones, and more. The class is open to students who are looking to further their technology knowledge. For next year, the class is looking for students to staff the classroom throughout all four periods of the day in N327.

[Originally published in the Spring Break print issue of the LHS Tom-Tom]