Clash of the classes

Alec Adriatico and Arthur Proskurinas

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Freshmen students all the way up to the Senior students  cheered loudly for their grade during the Homecoming Game Assembly on Sept. 28 in the school gymnasium.

Through the effort of Link Crew, a club at LHS, class color day was a success. Each grade level battled for first through various team activities, including dodgeball, tug-of-war, and puzzle building.

Tensions were raised as it was believed that the Juniors were beating the Seniors after the class games, but when it was announced, Seniors still kept the overall first place with 1100 points.

They were followed by the Sophomores with 967 points, the Juniors with 960 points, and the Freshmen in last place with 854 points.

Principal Eric Michaelsen was supportive of the assembly. He said, “The positive parts about it is the class or school spirit. From my perspective, I think the concern is that sometimes it becomes too intense.”

In addition, Mr. Michaelsen said, “I think we can always get better as a school. Always looking to improve.”

English teacher Mrs. Sara Armbrecht said, “Students this year seemed even more excited and competitive than past years which was exciting to watch as a teacher.”

Although the juniors took first place in the games, sophomores came out first overall by just barely 34 points ahead of the Senior class.

The final spirit week points totals were 1813 for the Sophomores, 1779 for the Seniors, 1710 for the Juniors and 1432 for the Freshmen.

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Alec Adriatico, Web-Editor

“Looks may be deceiving” - a common phrase you can describe Alec Anthony Adriatico - a proud Junior of Lemont High School. He can be as quiet as a...

Arthur Proskurinas, Web-Editor

Arthur was born on July 16th, 1999. He is 18 years old and comes from Lithuania. He was an ELL student last year and took on more challenging courses this...

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Clash of the classes