Spreading positivity around school


Natalie Palarz

“Without the signs, I really don’t think as many people would be aware of Suicide Prevention Week going on. I loved getting the tearable notes from my friends in the hallways!” said senior Maggie O’Brien. It’s clear that the signs were able to raise a lot of awareness by themselves.

Natalie Palarz and Maddy Horn

Walking through the hallways of LHS, you might notice the positive posters that were hung up by DHH students Hezekiah Robertson and Kaitlyn Catalano. The posters were hung up before school started on Monday, Sep. 3 to make sure students can spread a positive message before Suicide Prevention Week takes place the following week.

“I think they’re amazing! I hope that students are using them for good and that they’re noticing them as well. I’d like to see more of that all year because positivity breeds positivity,” said English Teacher Ms. Jeana Parry.

The signs carry various messages and they’re all posted in a variety of colors. By the end of the week, many of the signs saying “take what you need” had majority of the kind messages ripped off.

“The signs bring me joy and make me happy!” said freshman Selma Suleiman.

Suicide Prevention Week, a primary focus of the posters, takes place during the week of Sept. 9. Students try to bring awareness to this topic through school-wide announcements, social media posts, or–like Robinson and Catalano–take initiative and put up posters around the school which typically evoke the most positive responses.

Science teacher Mr. Tim Plotke said, “It’s so cool that people took the time to make those!”

Feel free to share your appreciation with Hezekiah Robinson or Kaitlyn Catalano yourself. After all, this only takes place once a year.