Sizzling Skits Stir Up Some School Spirit

Tensions arise as Spirit Week begins during the week of September 24th. The week is intended to unite the school as one and gain school spirit before the big homecoming game on Friday. The grades compete against one another for points; these are earned by bringing canned goods, buying spirit links, dressing up, and performing skits in the morning.

Skits are performed to earn points for the respective grades, each skit awarding their accompanying grade with one point. The top 5 skits acquire extra points: 5th place gets 5 points, 4th gets 10 points, 3rd gets 15 points, 2nd gets 20 points, and 1st place gets 25 points. 2018’s Spirit Week contains five creative themes: Country vs. Country Club, Pun/Meme day; We Go Together Like, Class Color Day, and Blue and Gold day.

In first place for Country vs. Country Club Day were the Seniors with “Serving at the Country Club”, in second was “Boot Scootin Boogie” from the Junior Class, third place was the Senior Class with “Country Karaoke”, in 4th was Khloe K from the Sophomore Class, and in 5th place was Athanasia S from the Senior Class. Odete Garmute, senior and champion of four out of the five spirit week skits, said, “My favorite part about the skits is that they can be really embarrassing, but when everyone laughs together, it brings the school closer.”

Tuesday proceeded as Pun/Meme Day. The Seniors won the skits for the day with “Mannequin Heads.” In second place were the Juniors with “French Kiss.” Third place was the Senior Class with “Shark Week.” In fourth were the Juniors with “Hawaiian Punch.” Lastly, in fifth place were the Sophomores with “Let’s Taco Bout it.”

Following, was Wednesday as “We Go Together Like…” Day. The Seniors placed first with “Mario Kart,” Juniors winning second with the “BackStreet Boys,” third place were the Seniors with “Grease,” fourth place taken by the Juniors with the “Kardashians,” and in fifth was the Seniors dressed as “Scooby Doo.”

Thursday was the infamous Class Color Day. In first were the Seniors with “Witches,” second place was “Army” from the Junior Class, third place was the “Black Eyed Peas” from the Senior Class, fourth was “Senioritis” from the Senior Class, and in fifth place was the “Wrestler” skit from the Junior Class.                         

Friday ends the week with Blue and Gold Day. In fifth place were the Seniors with “Bruno Mars.” In fourth were the Juniors with “Teacher  Appreciation.” In third were the Seniors with “Time Capsule.” The Freshman got second with “Breakdance,” and the Juniors finished off a full week of engaging skits in first place with “Cheerleaders.”

Senior Maggie O’Brien said “Spirit week brings each grade together-along with the whole school. Each grade communicates together to form strategies and ways to work together. It is fun to see people pulled from different friend groups come together for this week. People learn to talk to new people while coming together for one main goal.”