Student Council: The unseen force behind Spirit Week


Chris Duda

The homecoming football game marks the end of spirit week each year. Student Council members organize and set up many of the events and features that make it such a special day, including the halftime shows and band performances.

Chris Duda and Daniel Zuniga

Student Council does a lot more than you think to make your Spirit Week a reality. From spirit days to the food drive to the homecoming dance, many aspects of the Spirit Week that we’ve come to know and love wouldn’t be possible without the students and staff that make up Student Council. 

“Lots of work goes into planning Spirit Week,” said student council sponsor Mrs. Kupcheck. “The five committees that make up the planning consist of the Judges Committee, Spirit Days Committee, Food Drive Committee, Pep Rally Committee, and the Spirit Links Committee.” The variety of committees are responsible for different aspects of spirit week accordingly, which ultimately come together to make the week a reality. 

Student Council organizes the spirit days that vary year to year (Monday through Wednesday),” said student council president Caroline Bukowski. “Including the judges per day, the canned goods drive, spirit links, the pep-assembly on Friday, homecoming court, the banner competition, and the posters throughout the school, informing everyone about what comes with spirit week.”

Student Council has continued to use the same general approach when planning Spirit Week each year. “This makes the process quick and easy,” said Bukowski. Planning began on Aug. 30, with all decisions finalized by Sept. 27, days before spirit week.

However, student council doesn’t have full control of everything. Mr. Doherty and Mr. Young are responsible for overseeing the new aspects being implemented in spirit week. “The administration would be part of spirit week too, like getting to choose the fundraiser, or what the money is going towards,” said Kupchek. 

Student council also does not choose the theme. “It’s a common misconception,” said Bukowski. “But [the theme] is entirely up to the junior classboard.” 

“This year there is a lot more male representation. I would say about 25% of student council are males,” said Kupchek. The change in the demographics of student council representation suggests that more males want to be involved in student council.

Every year, student council has the same goal: make Spirit Week as safe and enjoyable as possible. Bukowski said, “We want to make it the most memorable week of the year.”