Class of 2020 back on top

Allie Brztowski, Ava Grubb, and Hailey Sawatzky

Every year during Homecoming spirit week the grades compete against each other through  skits, games, and other activities throughout the week. This year, the seniors ended up on top, making this the second time the class of 2020 has won spirit week. An interview with senior Reema Dhawan gave insight onto how the seniors pulled off their win.


  1. How did canned goods contribute to the win?

“I think they contributed a lot, not just by points but the impact we made on the students who need the food.”

  1. In what ways did seniors work together to pull off the win?

“Oh we had constant conversations on what skills would be done, who was buying canned goods, who was dressed as what, and who was buying spirit links, and anytime someone did something they would let the group chat know.”

  1. How does this year’s win compare to the sophomore year win?

“I think sophomore year since we were sophomores we knew we had to do a lot more to win.”

  1. What separated the senior’s skits from the other grades?

“I think we had more planned out and rehearsed skits.”

  1. If the seniors had the same drive and spirit as they did this year, could they have won freshman year as well?

“Yeah but as freshmen, we were new to this whole idea, and at Old Quarry spirit week wasn’t taken seriously.”

  1. How do you think the senior class has improved in Spirit Week over the 4 years?

“A lot more communication and teamwork.”

  1. Any advice for incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors for the future?

“Have fun, actually try, and live in the moment, cause time flies fast.”