Senior year cut short due to the Coronavirus

How are the seniors dealing with the sudden end to their high school career?

Madison Creamer, Copy Editor

For the past four years, seniors have waited for their chance to walk across the stage on graduation and receive the diploma they have worked and sacrificed so much for. Due to the school closing down and the 10 person limit to a room, it seems almost impossible that graduation and other events like prom will be a part of the class of 2020s last fun moments with the people they’ve known for so long. 

Self quarantine cut off senior year suddenly, and seniors realise that they have taken school for granted, and that they are actually missing the daily routine they were so used to. 

Senior Grace Jaworski, student at Downers Grove North, states “I miss walking down the hallways with different friends throughout the day where it was so convenient to be social and have fun.”

With activities and events being cancelled, it’s difficult for seniors to have hope that our class can still experience the last months of senior year like a normal teenager. 

“Prom, graduation, Project Graduation and my church retreats have all been canceled. I have been looking forward to these events since I was a freshman, and I am disappointed that I won’t be able to experience these things ever again in my life.”

Also my situation, Jaworksi says that “Salt Creek Ballet’s spring production has been canceled. All of us seniors have worked so hard all winter and we have featured roles, so it is heartbreaking to not make it to the stage.”

However, Jaworski has hope that “we still might go back since an official decision hasn’t been made. There is no use in being upset about everything being canceled until it actually happens.”

It’s important to take note that nothing has been made official, and things might get back to normal soon. Although it’s tempting to want to participate in social activities, it is crucial to distance ourselves in order to prevent the spread of the virus. If this isn’t done, seniors for sure won’t have any of the events they have been looking forward to for so long. 

“If we don’t go back to school, I could see seniors still getting a graduation in some way, even if it’s not the traditional ceremony. Maybe just parents could come in order to keep older relatives safe and to reduce the number of people there” said Jaworski.