The secret to being such an amazing teacher

The secret to being such an amazing teacher

Gabriella Estrada

Mr. DeGuzman is an English teacher here at LHS. It may come as a surprise to you, due to his clear skin and great style, but Mr. DeGuzman has worked at Lemont for 15 years!

Before becoming a teacher he attended University of Illinois. When asked why he became a teacher, he sat for a moment to think. Then responded with, “You know, I’ve always loved teaching, even when I was a kid, I always found myself teaching all my friends how to do things.” He later said, “It really does feel like I was meant to be a teacher. I love it.”

He is interactive with his students. Always super enthusiastic, and joyful. Aside from being an English teacher, he has coached sports, such as salsa dancing, tennis, and cross country.

In his personal life he focuses most on raising his family. He’s passionate about lots of things, family and teaching aren’t even half of it, he trains in martial arts, tennis, and has always loved movies, he even has a collection!