School routine changes with positive attendance


Destiny Vargas

Disposable masks, scanners and a keycode welcome students at the front of the PAC. Campus security monitors and assists students.

Destiny Vargas, Staff Writer

The 2021-2022 school year kicked off with a new model of attendance in an attempt to advance school security practices and to provide a more efficient way of roll call.

The process is quite simple. Students scan their mobile ID on Skyward or punch in their 5 digit ID code while grabbing a breakfast bar on their way to their first class. 

“I really love this way because teachers don’t have to worry about taking attendance and it’s a very quick and easy process” said Alexis Uthupan, a current senior. 

Though students participate in this process day to day, many question what exactly makes it different from regular attendance. 

“Positive attendance assumes everyone is absent until they identify themselves. It lets you know ‘I’m from Lemont High School, and I’m a person supposed to be here’,” said Mr. Gagnon, assistant principal. 

This way of attendance reaps many benefits with it’s efficiency. 

“It’s more smooth getting people through the building, and once students receive their school ID cards, the process will go even faster.” Gagnon said. 

So far students have been checking in once they arrive at school, but they should be prepared to scan their ID’s when they visit the cave, CITGO or commons. This method of identification should also be expected to be used for other events and activities. 

“In the future, positive attendance can be used to check in for the homecoming dance, an NHS meeting or for a club.” Gagnon said.