Lemont varsity football defeats Hillcrest at their own homecoming game

Lemont Varsity Team at Hillcrest High School for their fourth game of the season.

Lemont Varsity Team at Hillcrest High School for their fourth game of the season.

William Tarazi

On Sept. 17, Lemont defeated Hillcrest with a score of 41-0. Lemont’s fourth game of the regular season has turned out to be in their favor. This game will make them 4-0 on the season and they will remain undefeated.

Lemont won by multiple successful drives downfield and Hillcrest’s defense was unable to stop them. Another big factor of the game was Lemont’s defense. They did not allow a single point to be scored throughout the whole game.

Sophmore football player, Marty Kaminski said, “Lemont was playing hard throughout the game, they played as a team and did not rely on a single player to do the work. They all worked together and pulled out a great win.”

Another impressive thing about Hillcrest’s defeat is that it was at Hillcrest’s own homecoming game. Lemont had to deal with packed stands full of Hillcrest fans, they ignored them and still came out with the win at Hillcrest’s homecoming game.

Lemont is now 2-0 in conference games and if they play like they did, they can continue winning division games. 

Lemont is almost half way through the season and still undefeated. They will look to continue their winning streak alive this Friday, Sept. 24. They will be home this time playing against Thornton Fractional North.

Their next game will be another conference game as they try to go 3-0 for conference games and 5-0 on the season. They have five more games left in the season and it is looking hopeful that they do well in the playoffs.

Sophomore football player Alexander Kachube said, “If they keep their energy up and stay motivated, I think they can keep winning the majority of their games.” They will continue to try to stay undefeated this Friday at home at 7:30 p.m.