Seniors take on their final class color day


Katie Bell

A senior class poses with a class poster while waiting for the class color day games assembly.

Katie Bell, Staff Writer

As homecoming week came to a close, class color day was the second to last day. Every year for homecoming week, students show the most school pride on class color day. The freshmen color is orange, the sophomores wear red, the juniors green, and the seniors black, which easily displays the excitement and participation from each grade.

Each homecoming week, class color day is the one day that nearly everyone participates in, and gets the students most excited about the homecoming game/dance. Along with the excitement about the dance, each year class color day is a day of realization- we are getting older. 

This year the seniors didn’t take their last spirit week lightly, especially on class color day. Seniors flooded the hallway in their black Seniorpalooza t-shirts with “#foreverelliestrong” on the back, finally realizing that they are at the point they have waited their entire high school career for. 

Senior Emilia Jurgutis said, “It finally clicked that I’m a senior!” 

Jaeden Quiles added, “It was our first year being upperclassmen on class color day” and “class color day is so much different when you’re a senior.” 

As homecoming week came to an end, class color day nevertheless continued to make the seniors excited for their last homecoming game and dance.