Museum of Contemporary Art: The Art of Pop


Frank Vaughn, Staff Writer

From Dec. 19th through March 27th,  a traveling art exhibit called Pop Art Design was at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The different bright hues and repetition excite these pieces that have been contributed by a range of Pop Art artists such as Andy Warhol and Troy Diptyc.

When you first walk through the hallway of the museum, there is a repetition of the words “ Pop Art” in bright neon colors, written underneath different bright, fluorescent lights hanging in the entranceway. Once you reach the end of the hallway, you enter this wide open space with several different pieces of art hanging from the ceiling and  walls in a quirky positions.

The arrangement of mediums used throughout the exhibit gives off a “blast from the past” ambiance. Walking through the exhibit hall, there is an assortment of items: inflatable pink chairs, 70s decor, the iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans placed all over the walls and in different places.

As this exhibit comes to an end, viewers from all over are left with enjoyable memories, for they got to see pieces by world renowned artists.

Although the exhibit is no longer available to see, the Museum of Contemporary Art has free admission days on Tuesdays (any specific time). Art lovers alike are all looking forward to see what the museum will offer as their next feature exhibit.