Starboy touches down in Chicago

Edyta Mikos, Staff Writer

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The Weeknd (Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) held a concert on May 23 at Allstate Arena in Rosemont for his Starboy tour. His show started at 7:30 with 3 opening acts.

The first opening act was performed by 6LACK, who performed 3 songs. After his performance, Belly came on. He sang his most popular songs “Consuela” and “Ballerina,” making the crowd hyped up. He also brought out a friend on stage which made the crowd go crazy.

The Weeknd performing at his concert. (Photo by Edyta Mikos)

After Belly’s performance, there was about a 15-minute intermission before Rae Sremmurd. Everyone was excited for them to start performing since they are very popular now with their catchy songs. When Rae came out, everyone stood up from their seats and started singing out the lyrics to their songs and dancing. They performed “No Flex Zone,” “No Type,” “Swang,” and a few of their other less popular songs. After their performance, there was another intermission, but this time, it was 30 minutes.

While waiting, the tech people were working on the stage, making everyone even more eager for The Weeknd to come on. The stadium became dark again and everyone stood back up and started cheering. He started off his set by singing “Starboy.” He then performed all of the songs on his new album “Starboy” and a few of his older songs, making the crowd go wild.

Closer to the end, he brought Belly back out and sang a song together. Then, 6LACK came back and sang his song “Prblms.” After him, Rae Sremmurd came back on and sang “Black Beatles.”

After The Weeknd supposedly finished his performance, everyone cheered for him for about two minutes. Then, he thanked everyone for coming and left the stage. Everyone was a little surprised that he left, but two minutes later, he came back on singing “The Hills,” surprising the crowd again but creating a great end to his concert.

The Weeknd performing at his “lit” concert. (Photo by Edyta Mikos)

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Starboy touches down in Chicago