It is worth the pain?

Avika Pal, Staff Writer

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Pretty faces, smooth hands, voluminous hair all taking over the world as a result of new products that we create today. Making our cheeks more pink and our lips more red, we as people seem to be blindsided by all the goods we benefit from. But how can we blame ourselves? We are put in a position where we want something but have to put another living thing a risk.

I feel the real question is whether not it is worth it? Is it worth killing almost 20 million animals each year for a new product? Is it worth it to torture animals for no good reason? It is worth the pain?

Being that it is still legal today, animal testing has been around since the 17th century and has evolved into a monsterous process many are against today. Striking protests and boycotts towards multiple companies, animal testing has struck a controversial topic that will not settle till it is over.

Not understanding how this process could be okay in anyway, I see the views of the rioters and protesters clearly. There are so many alternatives to animal testing and ways to avoid it as a whole, yet scientists still don’t change anything.

Allowing themselves to continue with their obscured actions, scientists will keep on  abusing animals in whatever way they can in order to abide to the wants of new and improved products. I see this as an issue not only I am passionate about but as well as millions of others.

With the goal to shut down animal testing all together, I completely agree with these protesters and support the cause in which they are fighting for.

Growing up to love animals and respect them as a living being, I see animal testing as pointless and harmful. If there is alternative ways to help save animals the suffering and pain they have been through for centuries I don’t see why we would not take that opportunity.

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