Solving the “Murder on the Orient Express”

Emily Krivograd, Staff Writer and Web-Editor

After the new murder mystery, “Murder on the Orient Express” opened Nov. 10, people flocked to theaters to see this new take on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name. The movie follows detective Hercule Poirot as he works to find the killer on the Orient Express throughout this twisting tale of a mystery.

The audience follows Poirot as he discovers clues and conducts interrogations sprinkled with bits of humor. Well-known celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Josh Gad (known for his role as LeFou in the 2017 “Beauty and the Beast”) were casted as some of the well-developed characters.

For the first half hour of the movie, the plot takes time to develop as the audience learns the backstories and characteristics of the movie’s possible suspects. The characters on the train come from all walks of life, and as the murder mystery unfolds, audience members are able to take their guess at who may have committed the murder.

While this mystery was its own original tale, watching it felt somewhat as if it contained traits of the perfect combination of a Disney movie and a Nancy Drew novel. The movie has its fair share of heart-felt moments and likable characters, but constantly keeps the audience guessing at who may have committed the crime.

Besides the outstanding character and plot development, the high-budget movie also includes picturesque scenes of where the train is travelling and immerses the audience in the post-prohibition time period through the clothing and language (and the many accents) of the characters.

At some parts of the movie, however, it seems as if some dialogue is not completely necessary to the plot, even becoming a little boring at times. The movie is faced-paced at the end, so viewers have to pay close attention to the little details to fully understand what is happening and not become confused.

“There were lots of red herrings,” said senior Kara Kirkus. Senior Courtney McAuliffe also said, “I would never have guessed [the ending of the movie].”

That being said, the plot development, the casting and the mysterious tone of the movie is excellently executed. To anyone who loves the horror genre and is willing to pay attention and follow along with the crime-solving protagonist, I highly recommend seeing “Murder on the Orient Express.”