How does s-NO-w school sound?


Katelyn Krakar

The snow, combined with the ice, would have allowed for the parking lot to become nearly impossible to drive in had there been school Feb. 9.

Natalie Palarz, Staff Writer and Business/PR Manager

What better way to end off the first full week in February than with a snow day on a Friday? Last week, Feb. 9 marked the high school’s first (and probably only) snow day of the year. Inherently, LHS is notorious for avoiding closing down school in general, so this day off was a little unexpected for both students and staff.

That morning, the snowfall total was an unbelievable 12 inches, making driving to school a challenge. The decision of closing school inherently falls into the hands of Superintendent Dr. Mary Ticknor, high school administration, representatives from the Village of Lemont and even the District 113A Superintendent Dr. Courtney Orzel.

The inclement weather posed a clear decision for administration, however the last time this happened was Feb. 2, 2015 – proving that we really got lucky this time around with a snow day.

Snow days are not common at Lemont High School! That’s a testament to the hard work of the Village of Lemont clearing the roads, our Buildings & Grounds team ensuring that campus is clear, and Gorski Bus Company doing everything it can to ensure that bus service runs smoothly,” said Director of School and Community Relations Mr. Tony Hamilton.

The long weekend gave students who wanted to stay in a chance to catch up on homework, or more realistically, catch up on some sleep. Meanwhile, others were able to take advantage of all the snow and go out sledding or snowboarding.

Junior Maddy Horn said, “I was able to spend time with some of my closest friends outside in the snow. It was a well-deserved day off after a week full of stressful tests.”

For more school closing information, make sure to check any announcements via Twitter or Facebook posted by the high school.