“This is America” doesn’t slip up

Donald Glover’s satire at its finest

By Peyton Jay, Staff Writer and Co-Editor

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Actor Donald Glover, also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, released his new song “This is America” and absolutely took the country by storm on May 6, 2018.


The song satirizes popular rap songs of the modern era all while providing an in depth social commentary through it’s music video. Various different messages can be picked on in both the foreground and background of the piece including: Commentary on gun violence in the U.S. , The public using entertainment and media to distract themselves from the troubles plaguing society around them and african americans being mistreated just to name a few.


Ultimately the work as a whole is impeccable if the true purpose behind it is to mock modern society. The rhythm is simple which appeals to the mass audience rap has grown nowadays, and the use of a church choir especially gives a hearty African American classic america vibe which always seems to get cut off by gunshots, which definitely is intentional.


It’s hard to hold the song with a lot of merit though considering Glover refuses to remark on what the song is truly about, so all interpretations are simply theories and ideas with no backbone to them besides logical conclusions.


Overall the song definitely deserves the positive stigma it’s received, and the theorization behind it’s meaning definitely gives it a mystifying quality most songs released now don’t have. So for it being a relatively simple beat and repetitive chorus, the fact that it pulls of the level of depth it has is impressive to say the least.


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