The captain behind the team

Getting to know the varsity soccer captain Matt Gasienica


Matt Gasienica plays the left mid-field position in soccer. Photo courtesy of Marshall Photographer.

Gloria Vargas and Ava Grubb

It’s not easy being the team captain of the soccer team, being part of Model United Nations and National Honor Society, as well as being a full time student, but senior Matt Gasienica does it all and more. He’s been playing soccer since he was three years old and has displayed his dedication through climbing his way to team captain and leading the team to playoffs.

Question: How did you help prepare your teammates for playoffs this season?

Answer: We did a lot of things outside of school, such as pasta parties to prepare for the playoffs.

Question:  What is the best mindset to be in during this crucial time of the season?

Answer: During this time of the year you need to always think about surviving, just think about what you are facing right now and not worry about what is happening next.

Question: How do you manage soccer, school, and other clubs you are in?

Answer: I have to make choices in terms of priority, during soccer season, everything else is second to practice.

Question: Do you plan on playing soccer in college or incorporating it into your life in the future?

Answer: No, I don’t see it being a part of my future.

Question: What is your favorite part of Lemont Soccer?

Answer: My favorite part of Lemont soccer is the fact it’s a step up from club soccer.

Question: How has being team captain changed your relationship with your teammates?

Answer: Being team captain, my teammates know they can turn to me for help if they have an issue. They treat me with respect because they know I can always help them.

Question: How does your relationship with the coaches now differ from the past being that you’re the team captain?

Answer: In a sense I was a transition between coaches and the team, if something was needed from the team, I was the one the coaches would go to so that could get communicated to the team.

Question: Do you feel like there is extra pressure put on you now that you are team captain?

Answer: Definitely, in big games I tend to be one of the players that has more responsibility on the field. If things don’t go as planned I’ll blame myself.