No more tunes for bus rides

Radios are down, and so are the students

Tanner Grabinski and Leena Alul

There has been a serious change that has gone unnoticed by the majority of students. Before becoming a freshman, eighth graders were treated to an enjoyable bus ride which included a period of time where the students were able to listen to the recent songs on the bus’ preset radio stations; however, this is no longer the case. Students now use only their phones and accompanying headphones, preventing other students from listening to their favorite songs.

Not playing music over the radio also shuts out social interaction between students of different music tastes, not allowing them to discuss their favorite and least favorite songs.

Sophomore Xander Crisostomo said, “It really is a shame that there’s no more music playing in the background. It was all good music, too, so that kind of makes it a double whammy on us.”

Some of the “classic” bus radio stations used to be 96.3 (B96 FM), 103.5 (Kiss FM), 97.1 (The Drive), 87.7 (MeTV FM), 93.9 (Lite FM), and several others.

Sophomore John Krueger said, “It hasn’t been so bad lately, in regards to music. Some students have been making up for the lack of radio stations by bringing their own speakers, playing fantastic music that we’ve missed over the years and that everyone can sing along to. I mean, seriously, when’s the last time everyone on your bus sang the entire lyrics to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” word for word?”

Here is a poll taken out of 49 random students who take the bus to and from school, asking which method of listening to music on the bus they prefer: