Angela Marseille: Dancing her way through senior year

Madisyn Lambrakis, Staff Writer

Senior Angela Marseille has been dancing since she was only four years old. She hasn’t always danced for the Lemont team, but it’s been one of the teams that’s made the greatest impact on her. With graduation right around the corner, it’s hard not to feel reminscent of the clubs that changed your high school career. Angela Marseille comments on her recent “Senior Night” and the everlasting memories she’s made dancing for the high school.


How long have you been dancing for?

“I have been dancing for about 14 years. I spent this time dancing for the Park District, various studios, and have been a member of the LHS Dance Team since I was a freshman.”


Do you plan on dancing in college?

“I do not plan on dancing in college.”


What are some of your favorite memories from dance?

“My favorite memories from dance are the team bondings that we would have before every football game. We would literally spend the entire day together, going from school, to practicing on the football field, to getting ready together at one of our houses, and finally performing on the sidelines and during the game’s halftime. These are my favorite memories, because during these long days, we would always be joking around and having a good time-making memories that would last a lifetime.”


What will you miss most about dance?

“The biggest thing that I will miss about dance, is the people that I am lucky [enough] to call my teammates and friends. I will miss seeing these girls almost every day of the week. Whether it was due to our practice schedule, or just spending time outside of school together, my teammates are my best friends, and it’s hard to leave people that mean so much to you.”


How does it feel to be finished with a team that you’ve been dancing with all throughout high school?

“It’s really sad to think that by the end of February I will be done with something that has been such a big part of my life and high school career. I’ll definitely miss it, but trust me, I’ll be back to visit!”


What would your advice be to incoming freshman joining the dance team?

“My advice would be to stick with it! Like any sport, dance can get stressful, but it’s important to relish every minute that you’re on team, and take things one step at a time. I would also say to get close to your team, because [they] will become your family.”


If you could say one last thing to your team, what would it be?

“I will miss you all so much! Thank you for every memory, piece of advice, and laughter that you [all] have given me!”

Madisyn Lambrakis
Senior Angela Marseille said, “I am so grateful for this team.”