‘Tis the season for SAT prep

Months of SAT prep finally pays off for juniors

On Tuesday, April 9, juniors took one of their first SATs. Along with them, all freshman and sophomores took the PSAT to begin prepping for the SAT. Through tutors, online resources, books, and practice tests juniors have been spending the past months preparing for the assessment that helps decide their future.

Many students have found numerous ways to prepare for the SAT, such as online study tools like Khan Academy, SAT classes offered by the school, and private tutors. Khan Academy is most popular with students and offers a $1,000 scholarship to those who practice for six hours or more.

Junior Julie Maduros said “To prepare for the SAT I have been working with a tutor since September. He gives me practice homework to do each week.”

Another option students have is to pay for their score analysis, which helps students breakdown why they got their score and what exactly they need to improve on for the next time they take the SAT, as most students take it more then once if they do not get their desired score.

Junior Grace Magdziarz said that she will be taking the SAT again if she does not get the score she wants because “my parents won’t be happy with a bad score.”

Along with the juniors taking the SAT, underclassmen will be taking the PSAT again to begin prep for their SAT. Many underclassmen share similar concerns and struggles on how to prepare and become fully informed about the assessment.

Sophomore Giselle Brambila said, “I am scared that I won’t be prepared enough to be able to score very high or well enough so I get into the colleges I want to. I feel like a majority of underclassmen don’t really prepare for the SAT until they come across it as a junior.”

Because of disregard underclassmen have for the SAT from inexperience, many end up failing to put effort into their PSAT scores. This can cause students to feel underprepared for the actual SAT.

“Besides taking the PSAT i’m not really sure how and what to study” said sophomore Kenny Smith.

Student Services Chair Denise Dalton said, “Any advice I would give students is to know that the SAT is just a test, it does not define your talents or who you are as a person.”

Gloria Vargas
Students also use their chromebooks for online services like Khan Academy. Khan Academy works with the College Board and links PSAT and SAT scores to specialize study subjects. Khan Academy also offers lessons on paying for college.
Gloria Vargas
Students prepare for the April 9 SAT at the Lemont Public Library. They utilize tools such as test booklets provided by the school and the College Board.