Students, staff reflect on eLearning day

Ava Grubb, Staff Writer

On Monday, April 29 Lemont High School had their first ever e-learning day to make up snow days from earlier in the year. The e-learning  day was used as a test run to help the administration decide if this is a route the school wants to take in the event of an inclement weather day.

Administrators working on the e-Learning day are still in the process of deciding whether or not the school will use it as a way to makeup school days missed at the end of the year, have classes online whenever there a snow day, or just make up the school days in classrooms.

Director of curriculum Tina Malak said, “We recent sent out a survey to all of the teachers about their experience with the Elearning day to see what they think we should do in the future.”

The administrators  who brought e-learning to LHS are also taking into consideration all issues they noticed during the day including the work given to students and any issues with technology.

The school also conducted surveys with the students to see if they felt that they day benefit them.

Junior Jessie Tan said, “I think the e-learning day did help us because it allowed us to make up a day of school without having to come in for an extra day.”