Senior year ends with a splash

The graduating class of 2019 finishes the school year with the annual Senior Target game.


Senior target participants can use any method to get their target out. Small plastic water guns and water bottles are the most popular and effective because of their discrete nature, but, ultimately, any safe method is acceptable. Photo by Lauren Toma

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the senior class is attempting to make lasting memories with their peers. With that being said, on April 8, the senior class’ annual competition called “Senior Target” began.

Senior Target is played amongst all seniors who choose to participate. It is a game similar to “Assassin,” but with water guns.

Senior students Katrina Retzke and Dayna Gallet chose to organize this year’s game. The two girls created an Instagram page specifically for the game. Each participant was asked to pay a $5 entry fee and to follow the Instagram page. Once all the money was collected, Katrina and Dayna used a random number generator to assign targets. The girls then direct messaged all participants on Instagram who their assigned “target” was for the game’s first round.

There are some rules participants must follow. There is no shooting anyone on school grounds. Also, there is no shooting anyone who is participating in a school event, whether that be a sporting event or volunteering. Finally, there is no shooting anyone walking into or during work; however, you are allowed to get your target on their way out of work. Other than that, the way you attack your opponent is up to you as long as it is done safely.

The game also has many twists and turns like special immunity days or purges, where anyone is allowed to target anyone. This year, the first round goes until April 20. If you do not shoot your target with water by this day, you are eliminated.

When the game officially began, it wasn’t long until the first person was out of round one. Hailey Rathnow was the first victim because of Brandon Stomp’s sneaky skills. He got up very early and waited behind a bush for Rathnow to enter her car when leaving for school. He saw his opportunity and got her out with a quick squirt of his water gun.

Rathnow commented on why she got out so quickly, “There really wasn’t much I could do! I didn’t think people would start as soon as I was going to school Monday morning. I thought it would be done after work one day.”

Alongside the $5 entry fee, participants could donate more money to Ellie Cuiching, a freshman at LHS who is battling with a brain tumor. The winner will receive a cash prize of $300 and the remaining $400 will go towards the #elliestrong fund.

For organizers Retzke and Gallet, Senior Target is an opportunity to do something fun one last time before the end of the school year. According to Gallet, it’s popularity has increased over the past few years. This year, there were 137 people who took part in it. Gallet said students chose to take part in this because it is the, “Last thing anyone can do before graduation.”

Also, Retzke added how the intense game, “Brings us together.”

This LHS tradition has been in place since the class of 2015 and since then has been increasing popularity with the following classes. Though not many underclassmen know about it yet because the school is not associated with the game, as they advance in high school they begin to hear about it.

51% of people surveyed wish to carry on this tradition which will continue to exhibit an increase in participants. Also, 68% of people surveyed said their class will continue on with the game which gives the juniors, sophomores, and freshman even more reason to look forward to their final year.

Brooke Kraft, a sophomore, believes that her class will carry on the tradition during their senior year. Kraft said, “… we have a lot of active and school-driven people in our grade, who would really enjoy such activities.”

May the odds be ever in your favor, seniors. If interested in keeping up with this year’s Senior Target game, follow @2019lhsseniortarget on Instagram.

Senior Juliana DeSantis gets senior River Calderon out. She waited for River to get out of his car when he was coming back from the gym. The camouflage really helped! Photo by Kateland Kirk