Celebrating Homecoming under the lights

Lucas Cruz and Gabriele Tomonis

On October 5, students had the opportunity to attend the homecoming dance, which took place in the fieldhouse from 6:30 to 10 P.M. The theme of the dance was “The City of Lights.” 

Students from freshmen to seniors were welcome to attend the dance. Teachers and staff members volunteered to help hand out snacks, such as chips and candy, and water was also offered. 

This year, the school brought in a new DJ for the dance. The DJ brought a stage and students were encouraged to dance on it. Students had mixed emotions on the DJ versus ones from the past.

To follow along with the “City of Lights” theme, the fieldhouse was decorated with multiple backdrops, lots of lighting, a mini Eiffel tower, and a small bridge.

 “I thought the backdrops were really pretty,” senior Emily Knutte said.