Was royalty day a majesty or tragedy?


Michael Haughey

Juniors Nour Longi, Chloe Kwasigroch, Kelsi Padalia, Brooke Kraft, Mary Arundel, and Mackenzie Michaelson striking a pose after performing their “The Princess Diaries” skit, which took the day’s first place prize. Kwasigroch said, “Winning first place was such a great feeling. We really put a lot of time and effort into planning the skit, and it paid off in the end!”

Megan Hendry and Emmy Horn

On Tuesday, October 1, students marched into the field house dressed as princes and princesses to celebrate the second theme of the 2019 homecoming week: royalty day.

Despite complaints from students about the day, royalty day generated a plethora of skits for the judges, Mrs. Karigan and Mr. Wiedler, to evaluate. 

Kariagan said, “‘The Princess Diaries’ stood out to me, I thought it was so creative. Also, Burger King proposal because it made me laugh, I wasn’t expecting that.” 

 The top five skits of the day were “The Princess Diaries” by the junior class in first, Burger King homecoming proposal by the Freshman class in second, and Steve Harvey Miss Universe by the Senior class coming in third. In fourth was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by the seniors, and in fifth was “Poker Face” by the Sophomore class. 

“I thought it was one of the calmer days I had experienced. There was different energy between cinema day and royals day,” said Karigan. 

Although judge Karigan held a positive view of the day, Tuesday’s theme did not generate a similar response from the student body. 

Sophomore, Sunny Rana, said, “Royals day is boring and unoriginal. I could’ve come up with better ideas, and I could’ve done it better.” 

This opinion spanned Freshman, Kate Persak, said, “It’s boring and everyone will do the same thing. There’s not enough variety.” 

Nour Longi
Seniors Kyle Devitt, Brie Salomon, Reema Dhawan, Katie Jabaay, and Caroline Bukowski squeezing in a last-minute Miss Universe interview skit, as the judges contemplate how to rank the skits.