Spirit week mayhem

Stone TeSelle and Abby Tubacki

This year’s spirit week dress-up days included Celebrity Day, Royalty Day, Cinema Day, Class Color Day, and Blue and Gold Day. 

Monday was celebrity day. Michael Jackson from the senior class won the skit. The Spice Girls, Freddie Mercury, and the Kardashians also made an appearance. The seniors were in the lead that day, while the Juniors were in 2rd with the sophomores not far behind, and the freshman in the last place.

Tuesday was Royalty Day. The Princess Diaries from the junior class won the skits that day and in second place was the Burger King proposal from the Freshman class. The seniors were in first, but the sophomores jumped up above the Juniors into second place leaving the juniors in 3rd and the Freshman in last.

Wednesday was Cinema Day, with the winning skit The Blues Brothers from the senior class. Other skits that performed were Hard Knock Life, The Brady Bunch, and The Ghost Busters. The seniors were in first place, the juniors following in second, the sophomores trailing not far behind in third, and the Freshmen were left in last. 

The following day was Class Color Day. The freshmen class was in orange, sophomores were in red, the juniors were in green, and the seniors were in black. The winners of the skits on this day were the juniors with the junior ‘Irish Jig.’ At the end of the day, the results were seniors in first, juniors in second, the sophomores in third, and leaving the freshman in last. 

Friday was the last day of spirit week, Blue and Gold day. The first-place winners for the Friday skits were All The Single Ladies by the senior football players and The Trophy Case by the seniors as well. 

Every grade level had crowded in the football bleachers for the Pep Rally, waiting to see the spirit week class winners and the Homecoming Court finalists.

Overall, the freshmen were in last, the sophomores were in second, the juniors were in third, and the seniors won the 2019 spirit week with 2050 total spirit points.