Homecoming this year: shiny or dull?

Madison Creamer, Staff Writer

On October 5th, Homecoming was held in the field house at 6:00 p.m. The tickets were twenty-five dollars, which I think is extremely expensive for a school dance. Nonetheless, the theme of the dance was “City Of Lights”, and the decorations and lighting certainly lived up to its name. 

After showing your ticket and ID through an organized process, you walk through an archway that is brilliantly lit with dozens of lights. The entire field house was glowing, and there were many spots to take pictures with your friends. I was impressed by the quality of work put into making the dance visually appealing. 

The field house was split up between a seating and relaxing area to the actual dancing area. I particularly enjoyed this, as when my friends and I wanted a break from the hectic crowd, we could walk outside of the field house for fresh air or take a seat at one of the tables on the opposite side of the field house. 

Every year, my friends and I took a picture at the photo booth, and I was very pleased that there was another photo booth at this year’s homecoming. The booth had an assortment of fun attire to wear during the photoshoot, and everyone at the end was given a photo strip of the pictures we took to remember our high school experience. This tradition at our homecomings should stay, as it was something I always looked forward to every year. 

Even though the dance was highly organized and beautifully decorated, I was not surprised about how much I was dissatisfied with the music choices. In the beginning, there were a few songs they played that were fun to dance to, but most of the time my friends and I got bored and decided to take more pictures. We planned on staying the entire time since it was our senior year, but our plans changed quickly as the music became worse and people started to leave after only an hour of the dance. If the music was danceable and appealed to more people in the audience, more people would have stayed longer and would not have to cut their time short, as well as waste 25 dollars. 

Even though music is an essential part of homecoming, it is still fun and crucial to attend, even if past experiences might not make you want to go. However, you only get four homecoming high school dances in your entire life, and you should make the best of it with your friends, regardless of the music choices. Therefore, I enjoyed every minute of my last homecoming dance, and I encourage everyone who attends in the future to do so as well.