Who’s Pete? And what he doing in Lemont!?

Pete’s Market recent grand opening on State St. could bring changes to Lemont businesses.


Chris Duda

Pete’s Market attracts guests with an inviting bright sign. Congruent with other Pete’s franchises, this will let prospective customers know that Pete’s has opened in their hometown.

Chris Duda, Editor in Chief

A long-awaited addition to Lemont, Pete’s Market had its grand opening on Dec. 12 at 9 a.m, replacing the Chipains at 1100 State St. It has since seen tremendous success, catering to residents with a myriad of ethnic products and dishes.

In addition to traditional fresh produce, grains, and meat, Pete’s Market offers a wide variety of European, Asian, and Middle Eastern types of food. “Pete’s brings a different perspective to Lemont because it offers so many different varieties of food choice – for American or international cuisine,” said employee Ralph Loisi. 

Many residents can be seen changing their shopping habits, with the new grocery store having opened in the middle of town. “Every time I ask a customer,” said Loisi. “They say they are happy we opened here because they enjoy what we have more than anyone else.” Customers can even be seen venturing from neighboring towns like Lockport, Homer Glen, and Bolingbrook. 

However, perhaps what draws the most customers to Pete’s is the vast array of fresh, ready to eat food. From salads, meat dishes, and freshly baked casseroles, Pete’s’ food bar has garnered immense popularity – especially during lunchtime. “It brings a different perspective to Lemont,” said Loisi. “It offers so many different varieties of choice for American or international cuisine.” 

However, while Pete’s will unlikely overtake major grocery chain Jewel Osco, it could have an impact on smaller local international grocery shops like Celina’s or Lemont Valley Market. On the flip side, some believe it could increase small shop business, as Pete’s will bring a wider array of consumers from outside Lemont, which could bolster Lemont’s economy as a whole.