A Blast From The Past


Megan Hendry

Sophomore Lenna Nabulsi can be seen following the newest trend of the year. This trend started in the 80s and is now making a comeback.

Emmy Horn and Megan Hendry

The 80’s, a time of Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Care Bears, Lip Smackers and bold fashion statements. The era that would later become the most well-known fashion decade so far.  From scrunchies to mullets, and everything in between, here is everything you need to know about the 80’s trendy comebacks. 

When you walk around the hallways, you see people wearing jeans, accessories and different hairstyles. But when you look into more depth, you notice those jeans are mom jeans, those accessories are scrunchies and those hairstyles are mullets. The 80s style has been more common in this generation than some may notice. 

But what styles really have made a comeback? Spanish teacher Ann Rodriguez said, “scrunchies have definitely made a comeback, and neon is an on and off trend.” More trends that are recognizable in our society today are animal printed clothing, high waisted jeans, Vans and white sneakers. Rodriguez went on to say, “Side ponytails, crimping, perms, and mullets have also come back.”

Not only are teachers interested in the 80’s comeback, but students as well. Sophomore Tenleigh Vedok told us how the 80s inspired her own personal style. 

Vedok said, “I’m in love with the culture and I think people look bugging when they wear bright colors. It’s unique.”

 Vedok said her favorite part of the 80s is “the pop culture, the fashion, the music, the icons. The 80s had some pretty inspirational people, like Michael Jackson, and music that took an influence on me at a young age.”

Clothing is the biggest trend making a return from the 80s. But is that it? No! The 80s was a trendy time! One of these trends was disposable cameras. These small cameras were used to hold memories, and are coming back as a trend in 2019 and 2020. 

 More trends that have become popular today include Rubix Cubes and Star Wars! Star Wars movies are still coming out today, and many people enjoy viewing them. Also, Rubix Cubes are still very popular and entertaining for younger children. 

Not only are these clothes and trends enjoyable, but they are also very affordable. For example, disposable cameras are five dollars for a package. The clothing can also be thrifted by many stores. Old, hand-me-down clothes from decades ago, are now up for grabs at a cheap price at thrift stores. Not only are these clothes cheap, but the experience of thrifting is an exciting process. 

So why have these trends all made a comeback? With television shows being more accessible to the younger generation and other sites such as Seinfeld, it has made it possible for these trends to make a comeback. Shows like Seinfeld are viewed by many different age groups which may be why 80’s trends are now back. 

The 80s were a time of fashion and fun. It is so great that our society today is trying to recreate their fashion and trends. Our community has recreated their looks through scrunchies, mullets, letterman jackets, and tons more, where we expect this trend to live on to future generations.