“You” is #1 on recommended on Netflix


The Netflix Series “You” was #1 recommended for three weeks and had the cast of Riverdale. More than 43 million people had watched season 1.

Michelle Gmiterek, Staff Writer

Netflix released a new original series called “You”and is currently on its second season.  The third season is expected to be released in Nov. 2020. The show is about narrator Joe Goldberg’s love life his childhood.

The show starts up with Goldberg working at his bookstore job, . A blond-haired, blue-eyed girl named Beck walked into his bookstore. Joe may have seen a normal average guy, until he met her, he would distinguish himself and stalks Beck every time she gets out of the house. 

Joe would do anything to get with Beck even if that means he needs to get rid of the people who get in the way of their relationship. Beck’s ex was one of the people who were in the way and one night Joe wore his hat, took him as hostage inside of a cage in the basement of the bookstore. After a 6 months of dating Joe couldn’t take the anger and he killed her ex. 

I thought about that scene was that I couldn’t believe that he would do that since he is a really nice boy helping out his neighbor since his father and mother were fighting abusively. I hated the part where Joe had to kill Beck and made a book for her death, and only killed her because she found out all of her secrets. 

My favorite part in the show “You” was when Joe started talking to Beck but still has a complex relationship with her ex and then Joe had kidnapped her ex. It was my favorite because the ex deserve it for being a selfish person. My least favorite part was when Beck had found out everything about Joe and then Joe had killed Beck. That was my least favorite part because they were the cutest couple and they were meant for each other. 

In season 2 I thought it was crazier than the first one. My favorite character would probably be Beck since she was a very generous person, and the smartest person andI can relate to her problems. Overall I liked the show, I would want to watch it more than once and I would recommend someone else to watch it because it’s a very interesting show to watch and very entertaining.