How to help someone during the Coronavirus outbreak

Conor Smith, Staff Writer

As of March 25, 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak has been impacting lives across the world. According to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, there have been a total of 441,187 confirmed Coronavirus cases across the world. The numbers continue to rise and don’t seem like they will stop anytime soon,

The outbreak has caused many people to panic and flood local groceries, taking anything they can get their hands on. Because of the constant trips to the grocery store, many people, who aren’t worried about the virus, can’t get the items they need for their daily activities. This is the real problem: selfishness. 

During a pandemic, people need to start thinking ahead of themselves and how their actions affect others. People should be mindful when taking all the toilet paper because there is someone else who needs it more than them. Selfishness creates more problems and it seems like many people forget that.

On March 20, 2020, Governor J.B Pritzker issued the order for Illinois residents to “stay at home”. This leads to the next thing on how you can help someone, which is social distancing.

Social Distancing prevents one from contaminating or passing on communicable diseases like the Coronavirus. Social Distancing is extremely helpful during an outbreak because it keeps you safe and others around you. If you have the virus, do what’s right and keep yourself away from others who are at risk. 

Doing all of these things reduces a lot of the stress people are putting on themselves and their loved one’s. Saving that last roll of toilet paper saves one from waiting a week just to use the bathroom. Think before yourself and all will be okay during this time of adversity.