Introducing the new psychology club

The newly created flyer for the psychology club to hopefully encourage more students to join.

Avary Blazevich

The newly created flyer for the psychology club to hopefully encourage more students to join.

Avary Blazevich, Staff Writer

This year a new club has been brought to light called the psychology club. The administrator of this club is Mr. Lynch, who is one of the two psychology teachers.

The idea of this club was brought to life a couple of years ago because Mr. Lynch noticed the stress that the students of the school were facing. 

Mr. Lynch talked about how his students said they worked with stress, “They never really said they had a way to effectively deal with the stress,” Lynch said. “or they didn’t know how to manage it too much.” 

Lynch had explained how there are psychology-related things to look at that you can’t cover in a classroom setting like psychology-related jobs, other psychological ideas, and people related to psychology.

From this stress issue that students face and the ideas that are wished to be fulfilled, Lynch found that a club would be a resourceful way of making a change to the student stress. The idea to create a psychology club where he will have a more student-based club to promote school activities to decrease stress.

The club not only hopes to decrease stress, but also bring awareness to the concepts that are related to psychology like mental health and mindfulness which will be the primary goal of the club.

As stated before, this club would be more student-based. This was a decision made by Lynch because he believes that the reasons for the stress of students can be noticed by teachers, but it is most understandable by other students.

Lynch has been teaching Psychology and AP Psychology for eight to ten years. 

“My goal in all of my classes is not so much you learn the definition of or the theories of” Lynch said. “I just want you, a student, to be in my class and pick up some of the passions I have with psychology.” 

The psychology club still isn’t an official club yet, but in the future, the club will become official if it becomes successful and recognized.