Rho Kappa gets opportunity to re-design school’s historical archive


Logan Kearns

The historical archive contains artifacts from 1896 to the present day!

Lemont High School is known for its decades of years of history as a school. To honor the past, the Lemont High School Historical Archive Committee created a historical archive residing by the west math staircase. In the recent 2021-2022 school year, Principal Michaelson granted the National Social Studies Honors Society (Rho Kappa) with the project of refurbishing and re-designing the outdated historical archive. 

Co-Vice President of Rho Kappa Juliana Tomecki states, “It is important to showcase our school’s historical roots while also acknowledging the changes and improvements made in our current year.” Rho Kappa has no specific plans as of now, however the club is hard at work brainstorming ideas for the redesign.

Since 1896, artifacts from past classes have been collected and remembered in the archive. Artifacts include old school newspapers, yearbooks, graduation booklets, and even a playbook from 1940. Those interested in learning more about the school’s rich history should consider visiting the archive.

There is room to add new historical artifacts for each graduating class. There is even a sign in the archive asking the classes of 2008-2011 for any artifacts they may have from their school experience. This will continue the tradition of remembering past classes with more modern artifacts from recent graduates. 

Rho Kappa is excited to work with the Lemont High School Historical Archive Committee on this project. The historical archive connects generations of students from Lemont and continues to be a fun way to remember the legacy of the school.