HOCO is a go-go


Teachers are eager and excited to welcome students back into the building and have as “normal” of a year as possible

Emma Arnold, Kaitlyn Devitt, and Katie Bell

Homecoming is definitely going to happen this year and  it will be taking place the last week of September, with the dance being on Saturday, October 2nd in the Field House. Here is what you need to know.  Masks are going to be required for the homecoming dance regardless of vaccination status, and for spirit week, things are going to be looking a little different. 

While details are undecided, the staff is doing their best to create a fun environment while taking all the necessary safety precautions.  For spirit week, they are planning for everything to be based online. As for skits, Mrs. Kupchek said that “They will probably be more video based, again this is in the works, it would almost be the equivalent of making a TikTok” . Kupchek reassured that “there will still be judges, and we will post the top five for everyone to see”.  

Instead of congregating in the fieldhouse to tally up points, it looks like teachers will have to record whether or not their students dress up during class time. Due to the unprecedented times, nothing can be guaranteed, although our student body and faculty are eager to get homecoming week back this year!