Cafeteria staff makes a comeback after COVID


Emily Galassi

Due to CDC guidelines students must eat six feet apart without masks and while eating

This year Lemont High School is slowly returning to a somewhat normal school year starting with in school lunch periods. With the new lunchroom rules, it makes it difficult for students to experience the social aspects of high school. 

Cafeteria staff member, Sandy Ebert, has been working in the cafeteria over the years, and through the pandemic she has seen the difference of the lunch schedules and how it affected both the staff and students. Sandy explained how she wants “to go back to the old ways”, and doesn’t like how kids are limited on how they can talk to others. 

In previous years, students had more of a variety of food items to choose from, while this year there is only one food choice for lunch. Seniors talked about how “lunch used to be the most fun” and how it was “one of the best parts of school.” But are now disappointed with the lunch room restrictions.