Taste of Lemont tastes sucess


Taste of Lemont held it’s annual event on Sept. 11th.

Addyson Connolly, Staff Writer

Lemont recently had it’s annual “Taste of Lemont” Festival on Sept. 11th. The event started  at 5 p.m. and carried on throughout the night. The event had approximately 2,000 people attending it. The event was made possible by the sponsorship of CITGO. 

Although the Lemont High School Educational Foundation has not finished counting the total amount of money raised, they are expecting to raise around 60,000 dollars. The money raised will end up going towards different projects around the school. 

President of LHSEF board, Darren Benson, said that “Currently, we are exploring how we can assist in an upcoming cafeteria remodel project. The LHSEF will also evaluate any grants that are submitted during the school year.” 

LHSEF board member and LHS Director of School and Community Relations, Tony Hamilton, said that “the foundation wanted to do it’s best to make as much money as it could and be able to support some project’s around the school as it has done in the past.”

The event also had many vendors consisting of mostly Lemont’s  local businesses. Some of the vendors were Mama D’s, Jimbo’s Pizza, and the Creamery, as well as lots of other well known restaurants in Lemont. 

Benson said, “ First, we want the vendors to be from Lemont, we contact all local businesses and ask if they want to participate and if so, how.  During this year, we found that several restaurants were unable to participate due to extreme labor shortages. They were just unable to find enough people to work both in their primary business as well as at the event.”