PSAT/NMSQT testing set for October


Andrew Kula

Junior John Vranas studies and prepares for the upcoming PSAT/NMSQT testing on Oct. 13

Andrew Kula, Staff Writer

With the fall testing season returning back to in-person testing this year, Lemont High School has its date set for freshmen, sophomores and juniors on Oct. 13. “Last year if you remember, students took the practice test online at home. So this year we are going to do the same thing, using the same program except the testing will be taken at the school,” said Tina Malak, Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction at LHS. 

Students that are juniors however, have additional opportunities and tests to take due to the fact that they will be taking the SAT test sometime in the spring. “Juniors on that Wednesday Oct. 13 will take a real practice SAT and then some juniors, we are up to about 50, will come in on Saturday Oct. 16 and do the PSAT/NMSQT test which qualifies them for the Merit Scholarship,” said Malak. 

“I have been communicating with students that signed up for the NMSQT test and I’m also going to send a student guide that has a practice test in it that students can use in order to prepare for both the PSAT and the NMSQT tests,” said Malak. 

Students that are partaking in the PSAT/NMSQT have received a practice test in order to prepare, which can be found in their email. Additionally, all students that are taking the PSAT on Oct. 13 should be continually checking their emails to see if they have received any updates and/or information regarding the testing and what the day will look like.

With all of this information coming at students at such a fast pace, along with the usual stresses and nerves that correlate with any standardized test, it can be difficult for students to realize that the proctors and other students know what they are going through. 

“Naturally you are going to be nervous and there is a lot of pressure relating to these exams,” said junior John Vranas. “So there is a lot of pressure but, you know, life goes on and you just have to take it as it comes.” 

All students understand that the testing will be here before they know it and think about all of the stressful feelings associated with testing. However, now more than ever there are more and more resources available for students to use in order to prepare for the exam. 

“I’ve been using my SAT resources that I will be using to prepare for the spring (SAT) testing and I feel those resources will correspond with the fall testing as well,” said Vranas. 

“Additionally, students can login to Khan Academy, which gives them practice problems in order to study for the practice exam,” said Malak. 

Even though this upcoming exam is just a practice test of the actual SAT, it is important to understand no matter what grade in high school, that by using these resources from the SAT for the PSAT test, it truly prepares students for what the final and all stakes exam will look like their junior year.

As it was stated before, many students will be feeling nervous and have those standardized testing nerves once it all begins, but the proctors understand what the students are going through. 

“It’s always a good idea to get a good night’s sleep and eat something for breakfast… but you should just relax. There is no pressure because you can take the actual SAT/ACT several times if needed,” said Malak.