Marching band returns to competitions

Natalie Barowsky, Staff Writer

After a disappointing marching season due to COVID-19, on Saturday Sep. 11 the marching band returned to competitions. Because of COVID-19, the marching band missed out on performances last year, but now as cases have lessened, competitions have begun to open up again. 

One thing that made last year’s marching band season difficult was “Constantly being in the unknown,” said Shannon McCleary, member of the Color Guard.

 So far this year, the band has performed at two competitions, with the first taking place at Stagg where the band placed third out of six bands. 

When comparing this marching band’s year to last years, Shannon said, “A lot better, it’s like a normal year.”

Their second performance took place on Saturday Sep. 18 at Andrew High School where the marching band placed second out of six bands in division class 2A.

“I think, performance wise we have done very good with the sophomores and freshmen not having experienced a regular marching band year, so I think we did very well,” Shannon said. 

The marching band will once again be competing this Saturday Sep. 25 in Romeoville where they will be performing their show “The Witching Hour”. 

After being asked her opinion on this year’s show theme Shannon responded with, “I thought it was very different compared to the last but I thought it fit the timing of year (Halloween coming up in fall).”

“I love this year’s show, it’s so creepy and spooky,” Color Guard Captain Delaney Plotke said.