Lemont residents opens new restaurant Barrel and Vine


Barrel and Vine is located at 206 Main Street.

Reagan Russell and Leila Rexhepi

On June 24, at 11a.m., a restaurant by the name of Barrel and Vine opened in the downtown Lemont area ready to serve a menu full of New American Cuisine. The owners, Larry and Dorthy Lantz, were thrilled to be opening in the area that they have called home for a long time. Since then, they have already expanded their options from dine in, to pick up, events, and parties for everyone to enjoy. 

The restaurant is getting new customers and employees because of the owner’s connection to the Lemont area. The host stated, “One has grown up here and the other has lived here a very long time, so they were already well known.”

Up to the official opening the restaurant was full of construction, planning a menu and getting their marketing in place.

Their menu, which was created by their Executive Chef, Julio Nunez, decided to take a twist on foods like steak, seafood, salad and sandwiches and cater to the hometown but elegant style.

The restaurant business has been struggling since the beginning of COVID-19 with many customers choosing to get take out or not go out at all. 

“The customer service we have gotten really good reviews, so I would say that the customer service has been great.” said the same host.